Stem Cell Guru Brian Mehling, M.D. Helps Top Athlete Return to Form After Debilitating Injury

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May 20, 2014HACKENSACK, N.J.Long Islander Greg Mucci participated in sports his whole life until a motorcycle accident in 2004. Unfortunately, his injury developed into avascular necrosis and sidelined his hopes for a pro athletic career.  Mr. Mucci, 30, credits his steady recovery to Brian Mehling, M.D. and support from Dr. Mehling’s Blue Horizon charities. Today, he works as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).  At 6’2” and 230 pounds he has returned to bodybuilding, personal training and has progressed to playing defensive end in a semi-pro football league.

Dr. Mehling is a top orthopedic surgeon and stem cell guru who is the chief medical officer of Blue Horizon Stem Cells.  Dr. Mehling performed Mr. Mucci’s four complex, reconstructive surgeries to stave off the need for hip replacement.   The complicated surgeries involved implanting surgical screws, bondants, and wires to knit Mr. Mucci’s bones back together.

The surgeries were successful and Mr. Mucci continued physical training in ways that he could.   However, problems with blood circulation caused him to develop severe joint pain and, eventually, avascular necrosis—which means his leg bone was dying.  Pain prevented him from leg exercises and he did not have the confidence to participate in the sports he loved.  Mr. Mucci says, “ My body wouldn’t do what it could before the accident and I was in a lot of pain.”

Dr. Mehling suggested that Mr. Mucci investigate exciting stem cell treatment data coming from a Chinese research doctor in Wuhan, China.  Dr. Mehling found reliable stem cell research protocols that seemed to be Mr. Mucci’s best option to prevent hip replacement, which would have been the next step for conventional medicine.

At 21, Mr. Mucci had never left the country except for beach vacation spots in Jamaica and Mexico. He confessed to having “butterflies” about going to another country to have an experimental stem cell treatment.  After four successful surgeries, his relationship with Dr. Mehling gave him the confidence to go. He says, “I knew he wouldn’t steer me in the wrong direction.”

Mr. Mucci set off for high-potency stem cell treatments in Wuhan, China with the support of the Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation. He identifies stem cell treatments as the beginning of his recovery.  “I only had one treatment, so I don’t have anything to compare this to. However, the stem cell transplant correlates directly to every stage of my recovery.  I got better every month.“

Ten years after his treatment, Mr. Mucci believes the benefit of stem cell transplants continue.  He says, “It was a major accident and at 30, I’m older now.  Consequently, I still have some pain, but it is so much less now.  I gained 30 pounds of muscle, play semi-pro football and get to do most of the things I want to do physically.  One hundred percent I want to go back for another stem cell treatment.”

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